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Routes For Sale

We have routes for sale in the Tri-state area including Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, New Jersey and much more.

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Route Title Total Price Descending Ascending Down Payment Descending Ascending Weekly Net Descending Ascending Location   Remarks
Italian Bread Route $ 119,000 $ 119,000 $1540 Queens,    Net is after all expenses with owner running route 7 nights/week; there is a backup driver available at $110/day for 1 or 2 days/week if you choose; route is close to bakery with 36 customers consisting of delis, supermarkets and pizzerias; 35% mark up on all products. Call for more details!!
UTZ Snack Route $ 115,000 $ 75,000 $1000 Queens,    Or $105K All Cash. Only 4 days/week (off Wed, Sat & Sun); established 15 years; route has 28 stops including 1 Costco; 1 BJ’s; 2 Targets; 1 Stop n Shop; 1 Western Beef and 1 Food Bazaar to name a few; net is with a new Wholesale Liquidators and Best Yet; route includes an Isuzu Box Truck.
Soda/Snack Vending $ 48,000 $ 48,000 $500 Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island,    Only 1 ½ days/week (very flexible); 8 machines (5 Soda & 3 Snack) in 4 locations. Only 1 location in SI every other week; 2 Brooklyn locations and 1 Queens location.
Bon Appetit $ 69,000 $ 69,000 $800 Nassau, Queens,    This route covers all of Queens and Nassau counties. The current owner is the only person from Bon Appetit servicing these areas.Huge growth potential for someone who has previous route experience. The possibilities are endless! No vehicle included. Call for more details.
DHL Logistics Opportunity $ 38,500 $ 26,500 $0 Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, NYC, North Jersey, Central Jersey, South Jersey, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Hudson Valley,    If you’re tired of seeing the same routes and looking for a business you can run from your home without climbing in and out of a truck every day, we may have exactly what you are looking for. If you feel like you missed the boat on Fed Ex, this may be your second chance. This ground floor opportunity is not for everyone. This opportunity is for a dedicated and self- motivated entrepreneur who has the confidence and ability to seek out the decision maker in any company. You will be offering them huge discounts with regard to all their shipping needs with the largest overseas shipping company in the world. This is an exclusive opportunity only available through Mr. Route.
Mission Foods Route $ 58,000 $ 58,000 $400 Suffolk,    Huge East Suffolk area; 5 days/week; includes major chain accounts; Mission will open up 2 IGA’s on route which will increase gross to $7,000-$8,000/week; 25% mark-up on all product; huge growth potential.
Simply Orange Juice Route $ 68,000 $ 68,000 $1500 Queens, New York,    Major name Juice & Beverages including Simply Orange, Minute Maid, Poland Spring and Coke Cola; includes 2004 Nissan Refrig. Truck; no cap on earning potential especially for somebody with any sales or route experience. Call for more details.
ITALIAN BREAD ROUTE $ 129,000 $ 64,000 $1500 NYC, Bronx,    Italian Bread Route with a 30% mark-up; route nets $1,500/week after all expenses; 5 days/week (off Wed & Sun); owner is retiring after 22 years. Seller is willing to finance half of the purchase price. Major accounts include: Food Bizaar, Compare Foods, Associated, Met Food, Key Food, Fine Fares, Pioneers, Bravos and Wendys. Good mix of cash and chain accounts. Ford F 350 15 foot truck is included in sale.
UTZ Snack Route $ 145,000 $ 145,000 $1000 Suffolk,    Protected UTZ Snack Route in mid Suffolk; services 10 major chain accounts including 2 Stop & Shop’s, 1 Waldbaums, 1 Target, 1 Restaurant Depot, 1 Dollar Tree, 2 Rite Aids, 2 Walgreens and 2 cash stores. There is a Meat Farms coming soon that will increase the net; includes truck. This route only runs 35 hours/week. Call for details!
Mission Foods Route $ 250,000 $ 250,000 $1750 Suffolk,    Protected area; route currently grosses $8,800/week but can easily be increased to $10K- $12K/week which would increase net to at least $2,000/week. 25 Chain accounts; 5 days/week (off weekends); Includes a 2002 Ford E-350 Cube Van.
GOOD HUMOR ICE CREAM $ 50,000 $ 50,000 $600 Suffolk,    Excellent opportunity to cash in on one of the fastest growing ice cream crazes in the country without having to pay those ridiculous franchise fees. This ice cream is located in every major amusement park in the country and this particular route has the LI Game Farm ; Mini Golf Centers and the Montauk Lighthouse, to name a couple. Potential is unlimited as this product could be introduced into literally hundreds of accounts in Suffolk County, where this product is now non-existent. Includes 2007 Truck and 24 freezers on location; 3 storage freezers and 5 regular freezers. Net is approximately $30K year.
A $49.95 Any Sewer or Drain Route $ 35,000 $ 35,000 $1000 Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, NYC, North Jersey, Central Jersey, South Jersey, Brooklyn, Westchester, Staten Island,    Ground floor opportunity available for established and non-established routes in the 5 boros including LI, WE and NJ. Includes fully protected territories and training. Territories starting at $38,500 up to $125K, depending on existing sales. Every route sold will either already be netting at least $1,000/wk or will be netting $1,000 - $2,000/wk within 6 months. Perfect opportunity to run absentee. Company offers full support including setting up of all appointments, billing and payments. NO PLUMBING LICENSE NECESSARY!
Mission Foods Route $ 90,000 $ 75,000 $1025 NYC,    Huge protected Midtown area; Mission is the largest tortilla company in the world; generous 25% mark-up; route currently runs 3 days/week ~~ new owner can increase business by running route 5 days/week by adding on cash accounts along with new stores opening (5 Gristides); includes 2004 GMC Box Truck.
Herrs Snack Route $ 64,000 $ 64,000 $600 Nassau, Suffolk,    Herrs Snack route located in East Nassau/West Suffolk; runs 5x/week; this protected route is established over 20 years! Pick up product only 1 x/week. You need $5,000 for first order. Call for more details.
Wise Snack Route $ 64,000 $ 64,000 $500 Suffolk,    Established 20 years; route runs 3 days/wk (off Thrs, Fri, Sat & Sun); includes 2005 Step Van with 95,000 miles; truck is parked inside the warehouse protected from the rain and snow! Route has 50 C.O.D. accounts; pick-up product 3x/week; owner looking to retire after 7 year ownership.
Mission Foods Route $ 195,000 $ 195,000 $1425 Nassau,    Large protected territory; route currently nets $1,425/week but can be easily increased another $850/week with the addition of a Walmart being built in territory; route has 27 excellent accounts (a good mix of Chain accounts and Cash stops) with the potential of picking up many good Bodegas and other accounts. Includes 2004 GMC Box Cube Van. Call for details!
UTZ/Bachman Route $ 89,000 $ 89,000 $1550 NYC,    There are few routes where the return on the investment is so quick as with this route! Make your investment back in 58 weeks or less if you pick up more business, where there is plenty to be acquired. This route is for night owls! Start time: 8pm at terminal / Finish time: depending on how good you are as a route owner. Includes a 2006 Step Van with approx. 150K miles. Call for more details.
Fed Ex Ground $ 179,000 $ 179,000 $2300 Nassau,    Fed Ex Routes on LI are extremely hard to come by. This route travels only 50 miles/day and is very close to depot and has a high gross; net is after all expenses; same owner 22 years. ABSOLUTELY NO FINANCING!! Call for more details …. This route won’t last!!
Martins Bread Route $ 315,000 $ 315,000 $2000 Nassau,    Rare Martins Potato Bread Route for sale in the large protected area of North Nassau. Martins works off an industry high of 24%. Martins also gives you a full stale credit! 5 days/week (off Wed & Sun); $2,000/week net is after ALL expenses. 2005 Truck included. No Financing available.
Fed Ex Home Routes (3) $ 229,000 $ 190,000 $1650 NYC, New York, Upper Manhattan,    3 Protected FedEx Home Routes in Upper Manhattan. Route nets $1,700/week after all expenses including all drivers (and back-up driver) and helpers; includes 3 trucks (free & clear). You must have 1 year of commercial driving experience within the last 3 years. Call for more details.
Mission Foods Route $ 59,900 $ 59,900 $725 Queens,    Protected South Queens area; currently done in 3 days/week with potential to increase net by working 5 days/week; includes 2000 GMC Van; currently route has 20 customers with huge potential to open new stores.
Snyders Snack Route $ 175,000 $ 30,000 $1350 NYC,    Snyders, a leader in the snack food industry, has a large territory available in NYC. The route is currently grossing 7600 a week in sales, but with the right owner/operator, should easily do over 12000 a week in sales. There are endless possibilities for this route with the right person. Candidates should have a good credit score and previous route or sales experience.
Bread & Pastry Route $ 165,000 $ 115,000 $2000 Queens, Brooklyn,    Or $145K All Cash. This night route runs from Sunset Park, Brooklyn to Bayside, Queens; 5 ½ nights/week, Sunday – Thursday 9pm – 4am, Friday 8am-1pm and off on Saturday night; route has 32 accounts (25-26 daily) and delivers to Delis and Coffee Shops; No pack-outs and No returns; includes truck, computer & printer. Call for more details.