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Routes For Sale

We have routes for sale in the Tri-state area including Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, New Jersey and much more.

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Route Title Total Price Descending Ascending Down Payment Descending Ascending Weekly Net Descending Ascending Location   Remarks
Herrs Snack Route $ 79,000 $ 79,000 $900 Suffolk,    Herrs snack route in Suffolk County.43 stops including Pathmarks, Shop Rites, Target, Hess Gas Stations and a Walmart. Included in the sale of the route is a 2010 22 foot Ford Box Truck in excellent condition. Great mix of COD stops. Call for Details.
Soda/Snack Vending $ 48,000 $ 48,000 $500 Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island,    Only 1 ½ days/week (very flexible); 8 machines (5 Soda & 3 Snack) in 4 locations. Only 1 location in SI every other week; 2 Brooklyn locations and 1 Queens location.
Mission Foods Route $ 310,000 $ 310,000 $2500 Queens,    Protected Astoria/Long Island City Mission Route established 6 years; 2005 14 foot truck included in the sale of this route. excellent mark-up; route has huge potential to open new stores; must have good credit. Call for details.
FedEx Ground $ 169,000 $ 169,000 $1875 Suffolk,    Established FedEx route in the West Suffolk area. The seller has owned this route over 8 years. Included in the sale of the route is a 2007 International P1200 in excellent condition with a Mercedes engine. This truck is free and clear. This route has early pickups which allows owner to start route before 7am, and can finish as early as 4pm. This route will not last, call now!
Hostess Route $ 79,000 $ 79,000 $900 Nassau, Suffolk,    Route currently being run 3 days/week (off Mon, Fri, Sat & Sun) from 7am – 4pm; 90% Hostess and 10% Wallys Muffins; 25-30 stops/day; accounts include 711s, IGA, CTown, and Shop Rites; includes a GMC Van; call for more details.
DHL Logistics Opportunity $ 38,500 $ 26,500 $600 Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, NYC, North Jersey, Central Jersey, South Jersey, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Hudson Valley,    If you’re tired of seeing the same routes and looking for a business you can run from your home without climbing in and out of a truck every day, we may have exactly what you are looking for. There are no deliveries of any kind. Perfect opportunity for someone in sales with a lot of contacts. You will be offering customers huge discounts with regard to all their shipping needs with the largest overseas shipping company in the world. Company will guarantee 120k gross sales for established routes This is an exclusive opportunity only available through Mr. Route.
Auto Service Supply $ 60,000 $ 60,000 $1300 Nassau, Suffolk,    Easy Route in South Nassau and Suffolk. Only 4 days per week,(2 days delivery). Mr.Route sold this route to this seller 25 years ago. This is a solid route with excellent records. Can run route out of van. 22 accounts (Repair Shops); excellent mark-up; all C.O.D. Call for more details.Must sell! Owner is relocating to Arizona.
ITALIAN BREAD ROUTE $ 129,000 $ 64,000 $1500 NYC, Bronx,    Italian Bread Route with a 30% mark-up; route nets $1,500/week after all expenses; 5 days/week (off Wed & Sun); owner is retiring after 22 years. Seller is willing to finance half of the purchase price. Accounts include all super market accounts, Wendys, and Yankee stadium. There is a Good mix of cash and chain accounts. Ford F 350 15 foot truck is included in sale.
FedEx Ground Route $ 159,000 $ 159,000 $1500 Nassau,    Same owner 13 years; includes 2008 Freightliner; route will increase at least 10% per year; prime area. Please contact for more details.
UTZ Snack Route $ 145,000 $ 145,000 $1000 Suffolk,    Protected UTZ Snack Route in mid Suffolk; services 10 major chain accounts including 2 Stop & Shop’s, 1 Waldbaums, 1 Target, 1 Restaurant Depot, 1 Dollar Tree, 2 Rite Aids, 2 Walgreens and 2 cash stores. There is a Meat Farms coming soon that will increase the net; includes truck. This route only runs 35 hours/week. Call for details!
Mission Foods Route $ 250,000 $ 250,000 $1700 Suffolk,    Protected area; route currently grosses $8,600/week but can easily be increased to $10K/week which would increase net to at least $2,000/week. 30 Chain accounts; 5 days/week (off weekends); Includes a 2003 Ford E-350 Cube Van.
Pasta Route $ 109,000 $ 109,000 $1300 Nassau, Suffolk,    This Pasta Route is located on the Nassau/Suffolk border. This route includes 26 stops, and has maintained the same customer base for the past 13 years. This route runs 3 days per week, and nets about $1300 per week after expenses. Call for details. 516-785-6600
Herrs Snack Route $ 64,000 $ 64,000 $600 Nassau, Suffolk,    Herrs Snack route located in East Nassau/West Suffolk; runs 5x/week; this protected route is established over 20 years! Pick up product only 1 x/week.
Mission Foods Route $ 68,000 $ 68,000 $900 Queens,    Protected Queens Mission Route established 6 years; truck is optional; excellent mark-up; route has huge potential to open new stores; must have good credit.
Coffee Catering Route $ 300,000 $ 300,000 $2900 Nassau,    Same owner 18 years; this coffee catering route consists of 2 routes: 1st Route has 38 stops and 2nd Route has 35 stops; includes 3 trucks (1 is a spare); route runs from 5:30 am at Commissary to 2:00 pm return and clean truck; pick-up at Commissary 5x/week; route will net;$3500/wk with 2 partners; $2900/wk with 1 owner and 1 driver; $2300/wk run absentee. Optional- Restaurant in Island Park grossing $10,000/wk and is all new; Call for more details.
FedEx Home Routes (3) $ 259,000 $ 259,000 $2100 NYC, New York,    3 Protected FedEx Home Routes in Upper Manhattan. Route nets $2100/week after all expenses including all drivers (and back-up driver) and helpers; includes 3 trucks (free & clear). You must have 1 year of commercial driving experience within the last 3 years. This business is virtually recession proof and has a great growth trend! Call for more details.
Italian Bread Route $ 129,000 $ 129,000 $1700 Queens,    Net is after all expenses with owner running route 7 nights/week; there is a backup driver available at $110/day for 1 or 2 days/week if you choose; route is close to bakery with 36 customers consisting of delis, supermarkets and pizzerias; 35% mark up on all products. Call for more details!!
Snyders Snack Route $ 145,000 $ 25,000 $850 NYC,    Snyders, a leader in the snack food industry, has a large territory available in NYC. The route is currently grossing 5500 a week in sales, but with the right owner/operator, can do 8,000 to 10,000 a week in sales. There are endless possibilities for this route with the right person. Candidates should have a good credit score and previous route or sales experience is helpful.Financing through company is available.
Bread and Pastry Route $ 165,000 $ 115,000 $2000 Queens, Brooklyn,    Or $145K All Cash. This night route runs from Sunset Park, Brooklyn to Bayside, Queens; 5 ½ nights/week; route has 32 accounts all C.O.D. and delivers to Delis and Coffee Shops; No pack-outs and No returns (Drop, Collect and Go); very easy to run, seller has excellent records for the last 8 years (all verifiable); includes truck, computer & printer. Partnership will be considered. Call for more details.
Bon Appetit $ 69,000 $ 69,000 $800 Nassau, Queens,    This route covers all of Queens and Nassau counties. The current owner is the only person from Bon Appetit servicing these areas.Huge growth potential for someone who has previous route experience. The possibilities are endless! No vehicle included. Call for more details.
Tropicana Route $ 275,000 $ 275,000 $1525 NYC,    Only 4 days week (off Wed, Sat & Sun); includes 2001 Mac Refrigerated Truck; free parking and electric at Tropicana; No CDL required; route has 80 protected stops and currently does 700 cases/week; route is still growing due to Seller picking up pre-Sandy stops which could increase route to pre-Sandy numbers.
Mission Foods Route $ 215,000 $ 215,000 $1480 Nassau,    This protected Nassau Mission Route services 20 accounts including Green Acres Mall (BJ’s; Target and Walmart, which is the #3 volume Walmart in country before construction) in addition to other major supermarkets; excellent mark-up; truck included; must have good credit. Route can be split or partnership with the right person is a possibility.
Daisy Cake and Hostess Route $ 109,000 $ 80,000 $1400 Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx,    Daisy cake and Hostess route for sale in the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn area. Included in the sale of the route is a 2006 E250 van. 5 days per week including 1 loading day. Dont miss out on this sweet deal, call today.
FedEx Ground Bulk Route $ 153,000 $ 153,000 $1300 Nassau,    FedEx Ground Bulk route, pick up in Garden City. Net is after all expenses. Expenses include a truck payment on a 2007 truck. If route is to be run by an owner operator, that person must have experience driving a 22 foot box truck or larger, although no CDL license is required for this route.
Ice Cream Route $ 199,000 $ 199,000 $2000 Nassau, Queens,    Well established Nassau and some Queens stops, (Queens stops are only half a day per week). Brands include Haagen Dazs, Blue Bunny, and many misc. novelty brands including Good Humor and Nestle. Includes 2005 GMC Diesel truck valued at at least $25000. Net is based on yearly average; Route is 3 and a half days in Winter, 5 full days in Summer. MOTIVATED SELLER, NEGOTIABLE!!
Cookie Name Brand Route $ 90,000 $ 90,000 $1100 Nassau, Suffolk, Queens,    Protected stops selling major brand name cookies and snacks including Keebler, Kelloggs, and Kashi to name a few.Truck is needed for this route. Must sell, Call for details!
FedEx Ground $ 149,000 $ 149,000 $1570 Nassau,    Condensed FedEx Ground Route in Plainview, NY. Terminal is 2 miles away from your protected ZIP code; weekends off; route is completed by 5:30 p.m. Take over payments on an excellent 2013 Truck with only 16,000 miles; your net of $1,570/week is after truck payment. You must have experience driving a commercial truck for at least one year within the last three years; clean license a must! No Financing Available! Call for more details.
Mission Foods Route $ 249,000 $ 249,000 $1700 Suffolk,    Mission Foods Route for sale in Suffolk County. This route nets $1700 per week after expenses. This route just got several new stops, including 4 King Kullens which are expected to increase revenue. This route covers about 25 stops. For more information, do not hesitate to call today! 516-785-6600