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Routes For Sale

We have routes for sale in the Tri-state area including Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, New Jersey and much more.

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Route Title Total Price Descending Ascending Down Payment Descending Ascending Weekly Net Descending Ascending Location   Remarks
Utz Snack Route $ 165,000 $ 165,000 $1550 Suffolk,    Utz Snack Route for sale in the Mid to Eastern Suffolk area. This route grosses about $9000 per week. Weekly net of $1550 is after all expenses. Route runs 5 days per week with Wednesdays and Sundays off. Included in the sale of this route is a 2003 Cube Van. Please call for more information.
Cake Route $ 125,000 $ 125,000 $1950 Queens, Brooklyn,    Same owner for 27 years purchased from Mr.Route in 1988. Excellent mix of long established stops including government and COD locations. Truck is included in the sale of this route. Route runs 4 and a half days per week, no weekends, and good hours. Current owner is retiring. Please call for more details.
Office Cleaning Route $ 95,000 $ 95,000 $1370 Nassau,    Very condensed Nassau County Route. This route runs 5 Days, during daytime hours. Most accounts have been on this route 10+ years. Net is figured with owner working 4 days per week and 2 part time employees. Please call for more information.
Mission Foods Route $ 220,000 $ 220,000 $1575 Nassau,    Mission Foods route for sale in the North Nassau area. This route grosses $8300 per week servicing 27 accounts. Good mix of cash stops. Route has a lot of potential bodegas and other stops you can add to route. Included in the sale of the route is a 2004 16 foot Box cube van. Please call for more information.
Utz/Bachman Route $ 185,000 $ 185,000 $1650 Nassau,    Utz is a strong company that is quickly growing through their acquisition of Bachman and Good Health. The company has also recently partnered with Disney to use their name and characters for use on some of the Good Health healthy products such as Veggie Straws. This has made the line grow even faster and anyone looking to build their route should have no problem. This route already has a strong foundation with some great stores. Truck included in the sale of this route is in excellent condition. Please call for more details.
Snyders Lance Route $ 325,000 $ 110,000 $1750 NYC,    Snyders Lance Route for sale, HUGE MANHATTAN TERRITORY. Route includes mostly big market stops, including many Duane Reades. This company is very aggressive in the market place, and has recently acquired Blue Diamond, including brands such as Pop Secret, Emerald Nuts, and Kettle Chips, which will grow the route. Included in the sale of this route is a 2005 Ford E350 16 foot Box Truck. Financing available through Snyders for qualified Buyers. Please call for more details.
DHL Logistics Opportunity $ 38,500 $ 26,500 $600 Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, NYC, North Jersey, Central Jersey, South Jersey, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Hudson Valley,    If you’re tired of seeing the same routes and looking for a business you can run from your home without climbing in and out of a truck every day, we may have exactly what you are looking for. There are no deliveries of any kind. Perfect opportunity for someone in sales with a lot of contacts. You will be offering customers huge discounts with regard to all their shipping needs with the largest overseas shipping company in the world. Net of $600 per week for $38,500 is a potential net based on new business within 6 months adding only 1 or 2 new accounts per week. As an option company is offering a guaranteed of 120k gross sales per year for an established route, which will cost 79k.
Coffee Catering Route $ 265,000 $ 265,000 $2900 Nassau,    Same owner 18 years; this coffee catering route consists of 2 routes: 1st Route has 38 stops and 2nd Route has 35 stops; includes 3 trucks (1 is a spare); route runs from 5:30 am at Commissary to 2:00 pm return and clean truck; pick-up at Commissary 5x/week; route will net;$3500/wk with 2 partners; $2900/wk with 1 owner and 1 driver; $2300/wk run absentee.
Tropicana Route $ 275,000 $ 275,000 $1525 NYC,    Only 4 days week (off Wed, Sat & Sun); includes 2001 Mac Refrigerated Truck; free parking and electric at Tropicana; No CDL required; route has 80 protected stops and currently does 700 cases/week; route is still growing due to Seller picking up pre-Sandy stops which could increase route to pre-Sandy numbers.
Daisy Cake and Hostess Route $ 83,000 $ 58,000 $1400 Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx,    Daisy cake and Hostess route for sale in the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn area. Included in the sale of the route is a 2006 E250 van. 5 days per week including 1 loading day. Dont miss out on this sweet deal, call today.
Pasta Route Nassau/Suffolk $ 310,000 $ 310,000 $2450 Nassau, Suffolk,    *Price recently reduced* Pasta Route for sale, 75 percent in Nassau and Suffolk, and 25 percent the other boroughs and New Jersey. This route grosses over 15k per week. Included in the sale of this route is a 2006 GMC Savanna Van, and a 2010 Ford Econoline, both refrigerated and insulated. Equipment in warehouse including 3 Freezers and walk in refrigerator are also included in the sale of the route. Route has been established for 20 years, with the current owner having run it for the past 9 and there are excellent records. Please call for more details.
Hot Water Power Washer Route $ 75,000 $ 75,000 $1850 Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx,    Power Washing Route for sale in Long Island and the 5 Boroughs. Includes diesel fire burner. This route has regular customers and accounts are serviced at least once per month. This route has been established for over 22 years. Included in the sale of this route is a 2002 Ford 250 Econoline. Please call for more details.
Name Brand Provisions Route $ 225,000 $ 225,000 $1900 Queens, NYC, North Jersey, Bronx,    This high grossing route services all major independent cash super markets. This means 95 percent of your customers will be COD. Net is after all expenses with the owner running the route. Owner has had this route for 10 years, and has excellent records to show. Proof of funds will be required in order to release all information regarding this business.Call for more information.
Pasta Store and Warehouse $ 525,000 $ 525,000 $3500 Nassau,    Excellent upscale product line in the Bethpage area. Includes 2 excellent leases. Net is after all expenses. Current owner says he can show a net closer to $4,000 per week after all expenses and cost of goods. Seller has excellent records available. Sales in store can be increased greatly by adding breakfast and lunch to deli. Seller will train and stay on as long as needed. Please call today for more details.
Auto Additives Supply Route $ 75,000 $ 75,000 $1100 Nassau,    Auto supply route for sale. Area covers mostly Eastern Nassau. Although this route has only been established for 3 years, it is definitely the foundation of a growing business. Distributor just added 4,000 new products! Many items can be added from distributor to this route to increase the net even further. Currently all product is picked up at one place. Included in the sale of this route is an extended van. Call Mr.Route for more details.
Pepsi Beverage Route $ 1,100,000 $ 690,000 $5200 Suffolk,    276,000 cases per year sold. Price of this route is $3.98 per case. Company financing is available. Trucks are included in the sale of this route, including one 2014 Freightliner. Owner must have CDL license. Please call for more details.
Utz Snack Route $ 119,000 $ 119,000 $1300 Queens,    This Route includes excellent product line including Utz, Bachman, and recently acquired Good Health. Stops are protected. Prime Queens areas. Can be run 4 days per week. Currently route works on an above average 21% markup, and 30% on cash stores. Pick up is in Brooklyn or Bayshore. Truck is included in the sale of this route. Please call Mr.Route for more details at 516-785-6600
Ice Cream Truck Route $ 59,000 $ 59,000 $2200 Nassau,    Very well established Ice cream truck Route with all necessary licenses and permits for sale in the central Nassau area. Products on this route include Blue Bunny and Good Humor and many others. Route nets $2,400 per week during weeks worked, or over 60k per year. Route runs 6 months out of the year. Perfect route for a retiree that is only in NY half the year. Included in the sale of the route is a 1997 P-35 diesel Step Van in excellent condition. For more details, call 516-785-6600.
Snap On Tools Route $ 427,500 $ 197,500 $5100 Nassau,    Snap On Tools is an American manufacturer and marketer of high end tools and equipment. This Snap On Route is for sale in the South West Nassau area. Included in the sale of this route is a 2015 16 foot step van. Also included in the sale of this route is $100,000 inventory of tools at cost. Route owner has been running this route for 30 years and has excellent records. Net is after all expenses, including note to Snap On. Some company financing is available with $197,500 down. Contact us and inquire about this route today!
Any Sewer 49.95 $ 115,000 $ 115,000 $1600 Nassau,    This is an established route which receives an average of at least 10 calls per day. At 10 calls per day, route will do $5,000/week gross and will net $2,200 per week even if you run this absentee. Seller has a driver/worker on the route and currently is not involved in the day to day business of the route which is why it is currently netting only $1,600 per week. It is recommended a new owner runs this business himself or get a reliable worker which company will train at owners expense. Please call for more details.
Any Sewer 49.95 $ 29,000 $ 29,000 $800 Suffolk,    Established company route available. This service route nets $800 plus per week after expenses. Company offers full support including setting up of all appointments. Company will help train and build business through advertising, telemarketing, and website optimization, as well as handling all dispatching from their queens office. NO PLUMBING LICENSE NECESSARY Please call for more details.
Utz Snack Route $ 122,500 $ 122,500 $800 Nassau,    Utz Snack Route for sale in Nassau County, including Bachman and Good Health product lines. This is a great opportunity with room for growth. Current owner is only running this route 3 days per week. Company is looking for 5 or more days per week which will increase revenue. Seller is willing to help new owner get back into cash stores. Net is after all expenses. A 16 foot Chevy Cube Van is included in the sale of this route. Please call for more details.
Mission Foods Route $ 119,000 $ 119,000 $1430 Queens,    Mission foods route for sale in Greenpoint, Woodhaven Queens area. This route services many large supermarkets with over 40 skews at your disposal of different assorted products. This route works on a mark up of 25% and has a great balance of chain stores and cash stores. Net is after all expenses. Included in the sale of this route is a 2008 Ford 350 16 foot box truck. Please call for more details.