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Originated in 1984, Mr. Route has sold hundreds of all different route types including independent and name brand routes to both individual route owners and major companies. Just to name a few, some of these companies we were involved with from the ground floor are:


Mr. Route is well qualified and experienced and offer excellent advice along with free consultations. Mr. Route is located in Bellmore, NY and with the expansion of the internet, we can now handle routes available in all parts of the U.S.

Our strong following has recently expanded outside the NY area to include all of the more populated areas of the country, from coast to coast.

If you currently own a route and maybe interested in selling it, even if you're not sure it can be sold, please call us. We have been very successful in creating an entire industry for the route business where routes are now sold in the NY area as commonly as cars and homes. Whether you are an individual with one route or a company with many, we are interested in speaking with you and showing you how we can set up an entire route owner program. The benefits are substantial!

Just think how much less stress you will have, not to mention the other benefits.
You will save on all of the following:

• Drivers
• Helpers
• Medical Benefits
• Worker's Comp
• Taxes
• Gas
• Maintenance
• Insurance
• Truck Payments

Now you have an owner/operator with a vested interest in growing your company, while he grows as well, in addition to the immediate cash infusion received in selling your route(s) to your new salesperson/route driver.

Give us the opportunity to show you how. The best part - it will not cost you a dime, no matter what size route or company you own! We do all the advertising and won't tie you up. Our results are quick and guaranteed. We only get paid if we sell your route.

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